Established in Iraq since 2009, IEC has developed a loyal following. Tenants become residents very quickly, as they integrate themselves within the facilities and to the activities made available.


“It is a place to escape everyday stress and frustrations, where both clients and staff are welcomed, motivated and ready for future challenges.”

“A well-equipped and clean facility, which makes IEC different from other camps I have ever lived in with a friendly staff.”

“The level of cleanliness I find astounding.”

“I have never really been keen on gyms but you have been an inspiration, your level of expertise and encouragement is exactly what I have needed to start with exercising and now actually looking forward to it.”

“There is no question that the facilities you are given to work with are world class.”

“The facility that you are managing is superb.”

“I would just like to extend a HUGE thank you to you and your team at the IEC Gym. Having recently started using the facilities again after a serious lack of motivation, I have realised how amazing the facility as well as the staff are. Your dedication and passion for what you do is evident in the way you have been able to motivate even me to get back in the gym every day.”

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