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sport center

Sport Centre

After a hard day’s work, recreation and relaxation are vital for a good work-life balance and for strengthening morale. To help foster a community spirit and create a positive living and working environment, Iraq Energy City has a customised 1,500 Sqm Sports and Recreation Centre

Equipped with comprehensive facilities featuring an indoor football field, spinning bicycles, treadmills, rowing machines, dedicated aerobics studio and weight training area, residents are equipped with every opportunity to stay fit and healthy. The more serious fitness enthusiasts take full advantage of onsite personal trainers and fitness programme consultations.

A dedicated Cross Fit training gym (450 Sqm) is located next to the main Sports Centre.

For the social types, there is a coffee shop and café style area with tables for billiards, football and Ping-Pong. Residents simply unwind by enjoying their favourite sports and TV programmes on the large screen monitors provided throughout the recreation areas and accommodation units. 40 OSN premium satellite television channels are available as standard, throughout Iraq Energy City.

Outdoor activities include places to practice golf, play volleyball, run or simply sit outside when the weather is nice. Some companies have their own gardens and compounds where they meet and entertain.