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Power is a crucial part of being able to operate in the harsh environment of Southern Iraq, with soaring temperatures in the summer and cold winter days. Iraq Energy City has heavily invested in power generation and distribution.

Uninterrupted, clean power is paramount to the smooth running of a company’s operations and the comfort of the tenants at Iraq Energy City.

Virtually noise-free power is supplied through an advanced 10MW power generation facility to protect the equipment and facilities connected to the Iraq Energy City’s internal grid from power surges. This has the benefit of reducing the potential for lost time and delays due to the regular outages experienced elsewhere in the region.

Iraq Energy City’s advanced load-balanced and synchronized generator farm is monitored around the clock to provide the residents stable clean power with consistent amperage, minimal power fluctuations.

The power generated at Iraq Energy City is also clean, producing fewer emissions thanks to our clean-burning generators and advanced load management.